Tina Kikawa • Premier Artist

I am: expressive
My work is: creative

Tina has been titled the company’s true artist. Natively Taiwanese and raised in Japan, she began drawing at the age of five and never looked back. Whether it was doodling on the back of her exams or hiding drawing papers between the pages of her schoolbooks, Tina was always finding ways to incorporate beauty and character into the most simple places. In high school, she developed her love for makeup as another art form using the face as her canvas, the makeup her tools. Tina later received her degree in Illustration at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, CA. Applying her skills to a career in beauty makeup, Tina seeks creative boldness in her work, expressing her own complexities by producing a variety of styles for her clients. Always a fan of the human subject, Tina has now been in the industry for five years and is still finding different forms of beauty in every face. Tina enjoys making her brides smile as she explores ways to accentuate their individual personalities.